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Welcome to Kairos Appraisal

A Commitment to Customer Service

We started as a regional AMC in Seattle and built our reputation on excellent customer service. As a national AMC our reputation for great communication, on time delivery, and accountability have only grown stronger.

Kairos has developed multiple tools designed to add value for our valued clients. Our suite of products increase efficiency and help our clients close more loans.

Through our analytics platform, we continuously evaluate turn times (averaging less than 6 days nationally), reconsideration of value success rate (greater than 60%), and strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

By holding our appraisers accountable and maintaining great communication with our loan officers, everyone knows exactly what is happening with each and every appraisal.

Let’s start this customer service focused relationship today. Please order an appraisal, or dip your toe with our compcheck tool, and see why Kairos has quickly become a national leader in appraisal management. 

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Repeat Business for Quality Appraisers

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    1. Pick-up Order

    Your performance is primarily dictated by the amount of work you have done. Pick up more orders and improve your tier status!

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    2. Complete Within Deadline

    Every order may have a different deadline. Finish the order within the deadline to maintain a good turnaround time.

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    3. Maintain Low Defect Rate

    Prepare and read all of the assignment conditions before completing the order. This helps minimize condition loops and keeps your defect rates low!

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    4. Earn More with a Faster Turn Time

    Appraisers who complete orders before they are due are rewarded more.

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    5. Maintain Good Performance, Earn More Business

    Those who maintain low defect rates and good turn times may qualify for more orders.