Welcome to Kairos "A better borrower experience"

Kairos Appraisal Services delivers 5-day reports nationwide. We average 4.9 stars on google customer reviews. We use AI in our report review process to ensure quality. We provide guaranteed appraisal fees and innovated an appraiser reservation system. Our compliant panel management software uses appraiser performance analytics to reward the best appraisers in the country. Our proprietary scheduling tool shaves days off of the appraisal process! Best of all, to maximize value and provide a better appraisal experience, we educate borrowers and prepare them for the appraisal process.


(the most innovative behind-the-scenes appraisal software in the industry!)


Welcome to Kairos Appraisal Services!

Let's face it, the appraisal process was broken.

Kairos combined years of experience with outside-of-the-box innovation, and turned the appraisal process on it's head.

Kairos has created a positive borrower experience.

Kairos has a friendly team, and we answer our phones!

Kairos delivers quality reports in 5 days or less.

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Why Choose Kairos Appraisal Services?

Amazing Customer Service

Fast On-Time Delivery of Quality Reports

A Better Borrower Experience

Unmatched Reconsideration of Value Support - and Success Rate

A Large Network of Overqualified and Highly Trained Appraisers

and... We Always Stand by our Guaranteed Fees!

Our friendly team is eager to help you in any way that we can.

Please call us at 425.967.3794 and see for yourself why we are so unique!

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Kairos started as a small AMC with a reputation for providing excellent customer service. Our 4.9 star average google review is a direct result of our commitment to transparency and communication.

It's a much different approach from the "big-box" AMCs. After all, this is a relationship business, not a numbers game.

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No more phone tag! With our proprietary software, inspections are scheduled within 5 minutes!

The appraisal industry averages about two days for a typical inspection to get scheduled.

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Education Kairos Board - PREPARE FOR INSPECTION


Kairos has created a positive appraisal experience.

By educating borrowers about the appraisal process, and preparing them for the inspection, we can help them maximize value.

Click Here to learn from our many blog posts and informative articles!

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Real Estate algorithms generate notoriously high values and can set your loan up for failure. The Kairos Pocket Comps Tool simulates an appraiser's approach, and can help you find a realistic value in less than five minutes.

Request a Pocket Comps Report and we will immediately provide a list of local comparable properties. Select the most similar comps, and our interactive tool will adjust the expected value instantly. It's that easy!

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We have now been licensed in more than 40 States and our reputation for providing great communication is better than ever! We are averaging 4.9 stars per review on Google - The best among all  national AMCs!

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Team Kairos

For a better borrower experience, faster report delivery, and a guaranteed fee...

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Kairos (noun; pronounced: kYrōs): The ancient Greek word for "time" is "chronos". The ancient Greek word for "the moment" is "kairos" ... to us, it's a reminder that although we deliver reports quickly, we must stay in the moment - remembering that every property (and borrower) is unique, and that each and every client deserves extra attention to detail to ensure quality reports and amazing customer service.

Repeat Business for Quality Appraisers

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    We are an analytics company of sorts. The best appraisers improve their rankings on our panel by being accountable, improving turn times, and providing a positive borrower experience.

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    Quickness and Quality

    Quick turn times are just as important as quality reports. Our analytics help us reward our best appraisers, recruit appraisers in trending areas, and offer the best service possible to our customers. 

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    Low Revision Rate

    Revisions cause delays and delays can ruin relationships. Appraisers that deliver quality reports receive performance bonuses that no other AMC offers. By spoiling our appraisers, our customers reap the rewards.

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    Turn Times

    We deliver quality reports in as little as 24 hours!! Yes, turn times vary greatly by state, county, city, and property, but rest assured that our analytics create the best turn times possible for borrowers. 

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    Appraisers earn BIG bonuses by consistently delivering early reports, for delivering quality reports without revisions, for volume, for communication, for fast turn times, and more! Basically, Kairos looks for reasons to bonus our appraisers, yet, our customers end up benefitting the most.