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Kairos (noun \kai·ros\ kiräs\): A time when conditions are ripe for the accomplishment of a crucial action; the opportune and decisive moment.

Why Kairos Cares

We are a diverse mix of seasoned industry professionals, with a combined industry experience of well over 100 years. We have built technologies for some of the largest lenders, and AMCs, in the country. We have created reliable solutions that have stood the test of time. We have taught other industry professionals how to better communicate with their clients and improve the customer experience. 

Our team believes in "old school" relationship building with our clients. We believe in doing quality work every time, and going the extra mile for our business partners. We also believe in accountability, excellent communication, and consistency. These values have helped us become a beacon in the appraisal services world.

If you want to experience a different kind of national AMC, one that puts your needs first, then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Kairos Appraisal Services.


What Makes Us Different

Pay Based on Performance

We make every effort to maintain a good relationship with our vendors. As a result, we pay our vendors based on performance, not based on who can quote us the lowest fee for every order. We believe in creating a relationship based on mutual trust and confidence. By not undercutting our appraisers, we hope to earn their trust.

Cutting Edge, Industry-leading Technology

Our technology platform allows you to manage your workflow better, streamline correspondence, and reduce the need for constant micro-management. We have worked hard so that you don’t have to!

Good People

Appraisers are the lifeblood of an AMC. We purposely maintain a tight-knit panel so we can maintain a good relationship with our partners. We are dedicated to helping our vendors achieve their goals and earn more business.

Better Analytics and Tools

We provide you with everything you need to succeed. Better analytics help you showcase your day-to-day performance and also shows you ways to improve. Our smart alert system makes managing the process easier than ever.

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