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The Difference Between Sales Price and Appraisal Value

By pwsadmin / March 23, 2021 /

You may wonder why a home’s sales price and appraisal value sometimes don’t match up. Whether you’re buying a home or selling a home, it’s important to know how they can differ, especially in today’s hot housing market. Home Sales Price The housing market is, of course, influenced by the fluctuations of supply and demand.…

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Appraisal Technology

Using Technology to Speed Up the Appraisal Process

By pwsadmin / February 5, 2021 /

One thing we’ve been talking about a lot this year is the fact that homeowners to lenders to buyers want to get a mortgage more quickly. It seems reasonable, too, given all of the advances in technology within the housing industry recently to utilize appraisal technology—especially during 2020. The Pandemic Has Changed Appraisals The housing…

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Home Appraisal Myths

Home Appraisal Myths – Busted!

By pwsadmin / January 15, 2021 /

No matter how many times you’ve been through the process, the prospect of a home appraisal can seem a little daunting. With the cobweb of people involved, it’s understandable that your clients may feel a little bit confused. So, to help everyone through the process, we’ve compiled a list of the top seven home appraisal…

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Buying a Distressed Property

What to Consider When Buying a Distressed Property

By pwsadmin / January 5, 2021 /

If your clients are wondering what a distressed property is and what that means, here’s what they need to know about how it can help them buy a home when there aren’t many options. The housing market around the country is hot, and there isn’t enough inventory to go around. Enter: distressed properties. What does…

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Home Appraisal Reconsideration of Value

What is a Home Appraisal Reconsideration of Value (ROV)?

By pwsadmin / December 23, 2020 /

The real estate market has been moving at a breathtaking pace this year, and we’ve been seeing more home appraisal Reconsideration of Value (ROV) requests. That’s not unique to Kairos; many AMCs are seeing a substantial uptick in ROV requests. This is due to several interesting factors that are happening the market right now. While…

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An Update on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Update on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the Housing Market

By pwsadmin / December 2, 2020 /

One of the hottest topics in the housing market right now is Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The topic of conversation is whether or not they’ll come out of government conservatorship in the near future. It’s something we’ve been hearing plans about for a while, but nothing is set in stone yet. Their coming out…

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Reasons your appraisal came in low

Reasons Why Appraisals Come in Low

By pwsadmin / November 10, 2020 /

It’s a frustrating thing to buy or sell a home and find out that it’s not worth what you thought it would be. The real estate industry is no stranger to low appraisals, especially in today’s market, and there are plenty of reasons why they happen. From improvements not being worth what you expected to…

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Kairos Case Studies

SOLVED: Kairos Case Studies

By pwsadmin / October 29, 2020 /

At Kairos Appraisal Services, we have a very different approach to the appraisal process than the big-box AMCs do. Our team works hard to provide excellent communication and form long-lasting partnerships by always going the extra mile. This is a relationship game, not a numbers game. To show you how working with Karios is different,…

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We are Kairos Appraisal

We Are Kairos Appraisal

By pwsadmin / July 22, 2020 /

We’re Kairos Appraisal, and we’re excited to tell you a little bit more about us. Thanks for taking the time to check us out! Who We Are Kairos Appraisal started out as a west coast AMC with a solid reputation for excellent customer service. We’ve expanded since then, and we now serve over 40 states.…

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