SOLVED: Kairos Case Studies

At Kairos Appraisal Services, we have a very different approach to the appraisal process than the big-box AMCs do. Our team works hard to provide excellent communication and form long-lasting partnerships by always going the extra mile. This is a relationship game, not a numbers game.

To show you how working with Karios is different, we wanted to share recent situations that have come up. We will show you how we solved them to make sure everyone was happy when all was said and done. We want you to know that Kairos Appraisal will always get the job done.

Case Study 1: The Case of the Disappearing Appraiser

We hired an appraiser for a complex property with an epic view of the ocean. The inspection was completed as planned and the due date quickly approached. We reached out to the appraiser after not hearing the usual updates, and the appraiser’s voicemail was full. The appraiser’s email bounced back as a bad address, and the fax number was no longer in service.

Just a few days before, everything was fine. But, now our assigned appraiser had disappeared, and we needed to deliver a complex report with impossible comps!

We DID it.

We found a backup appraiser to complete the job as a rush and delivered the second report on time and without additional fees. When the original appraiser came back online a few days later without the report, he explained the situation, and we gladly paid for his trip fee even after he insisted that we didn’t need to. This is a long-term relationship business, and it pays to treat everyone well and bend over backwards to get the job done when needed.

Case Study 2: The Case of the Hospitalized Appraiser

A specifically qualified appraiser was needed for a remote complex project, and multiple AMCs had failed to find an available appraiser. The closing date was fast approaching. Shortly after the broker called us, we found a qualified appraiser and promised the broker a six-day turn time.

On the day of the scheduled property inspection, the appraiser was admitted to the hospital, and the Kairos team scrambled. We searched high and low and found the only other appraiser in the area who was qualified for the job. That appraiser showed up for the inspection as scheduled and turned in the report two days later. Our compliance and quality control teams reviewed and delivered that report just five days after the broker initially called us. Thankfully, with plenty of time, the Miller family was able to sign papers and move into their dream home.

Case Study 3: The Case of the Sick Appraiser

We often get asked how Covid-19 has impacted the appraisal process; like every other industry related to housing, there have been some pretty significant changes in the past six months. But Kairos has gone to great lengths to address these constant changes. Whether it’s working with state phasing restrictions or industry changes to appraisal requirements, we are always out in front communicating how we’re adapting to those changes.

Recently, we had an appraisal inspection scheduled for a Monday morning with the report due to be turned in that afternoon. This was for a home purchase, so we had to do everything possible to make it happen on time. Over the weekend, the scheduled appraiser was not feeling well and had to be tested for COVID-19.

This created two issues. First, there’s the worry that comes with having someone we care about get sick, and second, there’s the life of the loan. No one wanted this deal to be delayed. Our team went into action and spent all day on Sunday recruiting an equally talented appraiser to inspect the home and turn the report in within 24 hours to save the loan.

These case studies show why Kairos is different. We’ll bend over backward to make sure your appraisal is accurate and on time so you can do what you do best—close loans for your clients. If you’re curious how working with Kairos Appraisal Services can make your job easier, reach out at or give us a call at (425) 967-3794.

Alex Todak