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Kairos Appraisal Services In The News

The SuperBowl of Appraisal Conventions!

We had a wonderful time last week at The Bellagio in Las Vegas!

The Valuation Expo was FILLED with great appraisers and great people!! Many appraisers provided valuable feedback for how to make the Pocket Appraisal EVEN BETTER. 🙂 THANK YOU to all that contributed!! And thank you to our industry partners for helping us launch this game changing app so quickly and successfully.

Whether you missed us or met us, if you'd like to contact our team, please email [email protected]

Kairos has sponsored a booth at the 2021 Valuation Expo September 8th-10th at The Bellagio Hotel in Vegas!

This is the premier event for Valuation Professionals and we are proud to be a part of the "thought leaders" production.

Our very own Alex Todak will be leading the Quarterly AMC Committee meeting on September 7th at the Bellagio.

If you'd like to join us, or receive updates about this exciting event, please email [email protected]

PennyMac Loan Services

Kairos is now an approved AMC with PennyMac!

Kairos Wins the Puget Sound Mortgage Lenders Association Charity Golf Tournament!!

In support of the Rebuild Together South Sound charity, Kairos joined the PSMLA event and had a wonderful day on the course. We brought some of our favorite Appraisers, Staff, and giveaways. What a fun day, and a great cause.

Kairos is now an approved AMC with UWM!

Ask your Account Executive to add Kairos Appraisal Services to your "preferred AMC" list.

Congratulations Alex Todak!

Congratulations to our Executive Vice President (and fellow Kairos Owner) Alex Todak! Alex has been invited to chair the nation's largest AMC Committee. This prestigious position was offered by the Collateral Risk Network and Alex recently accepted with his standard oversized smile.

"CRN provides amazing leadership for the appraisal industry and it's an absolute honor to assist them in any way that I can."

-Alex Todak-


2020 was tough and unforgiving, but it brought us closer together, forced us to learn how to be more efficient, and taught us that we are stronger than we might have realized. 2021 is sure to be a better year. Interest rates will remain low, and the home purchase market could make up for lost ground - setting us up for another exciting year of being the BEST AMC in the USA. Our company goals include adding even more appraisers to our national network, improving communication with our clients, and becoming YOUR FAVORITE AMC.

Things are going GREAT with this new relationship!! Thank You for the opportunity loanDepot!!

Appraisal Trivia Happy Hour!!


Morgan Hammer

Get ready for some more trivia FUN!! Our last event was a blast, with participants diving in from all around the country. Should we do it again?? YES!!! Obviously!!!

Our last trivia event produced two winners. The team with the most points won a FREE RUSH appraisal and thank goodness they won, because they needed it the very next day 🙂

The random drawing winner (all participants were eligible) won a FREE Upgrade To Rush, which they also used almost immediately, and we turned in that report 3 days later.

Soon, the second trivia competition will be underway... sign up here !!!


SwiftSure Loan Services is now


As this rebranding process continues, expect some really cool new features from the WestGen team.


July 4th, 2020

In 1776 did our founding fathers ever imagine that they were starting a country that would go on to invent Ferris Wheels, Hearing Aides, Microwave Ovens, Lasers, The Internet, the Helmet Hummingbird Feeder, and Dental Floss? Let’s not forget Chocolate Chip Cookies, Roomba, and Office Swivel Chairs! What a wonderful country we live in!!

Sure, 2020 has been a tough year thus far. We have seen a presidential impeachment, Kobe’s death, Brexit, COVID-19, Riots, a postponed Summer Olympics, Australia’s Wildfires, and more. However, we have also seen the Stock Market hit all time highs, SpaceX successfully transported an American Astronaut to the International Space Station, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle started their permanent vacation, The Weeknd brought us “Blinding Lights” and The Dixie Chicks are back! We have so much to be thankful for in this wonderful country of ours and this weekend presents a dedicated chance to rejoice and celebrate... It’s America’s 244th Birthday!!!

Some Recent Reviews of Kairos Appraisal Services

June 25, 2020

"Thanks so much!!! You are always the best AMC in our book. We are very happy to work with you." -Mortgage Broker in California-

"Kairos Appraisal Services... They are undeniably, the best AMC in the United States. I say this with regard to their professionalism, standard of operations, quality of work, and most importantly, their customer service. As a 27-year veteran in the mortgage game, I can write this with complete certainty - These guys can and will prove to be the best in no time at all to AFR. They have outshined every other AMC out there and I have probably worked with most if not all of the other AMC's, including Class Appraisal." -Senior Advisor & Loan Officer-

"It is seriously my pleasure to work with Kairos. The follow up, answers in real time, the top to bottom team mentality is flat out, bar none, the best I have ever experienced. AMC's should model your approach.” -West Coast Mortgage Broker-

"Thank you! Your team is something special and we appreciate the extra effort!" -Contract Processor in Florida-

"Kairos Appraisal is faster than any other AMC, Thank you!" -Mortgage Broker in the Bay Area-

"Thank you sososo much! Please if there is anything i can ever do for you all...a review...something that recognizes your wonderful would be my pleasure " -Mortgage Broker in California-

"We have heard good things from our realtors about your AMC and turn times are really good even with everything going on. Such a big difference and your team gets things resolved really quickly” -NY Broker-

"You were my last resort and my hope in these dying moments. Thank you for being there.” -Illinois Broker-

"THANK YOU for completing so are the best!!!!!" -Nevada Broker-

"Thank You my ONE AND ONLY FAVORITE APPRAISAL COMPANY" -Mortgage Broker in California-

"when we need appraisals, we always choose Kairos” -Mortgage Broker in PA-

"I wanted to send a shout out and a thank Kairos again for being a great AMC and all that you do for brokers and their lenders.” -West Coast Contract Processor-

"You guys are the best thank you” -Mortgage Broker on the East Coast-

Kairos is Parkside Lending's Newest Approved AMC

May 1, 2020


We were honored to be invited into the Parkside Lending Family, and we are proud to already be delivering quality appraisal reports to Parkside Brokers. Our first report for a Parkside Broker was turned in 4 business days after it was ordered.

If you would like Parkside to be added to your account with Kairos, please click here, and we will set up your account so that you can start ordering with the best AMC on the planet.

KairosSix Ways That Video Conferencing Could Change the Appraisal Process

Febrauary 2, 2020


Kairos has started using video conference tools to make the appraisal process more efficient. We are trying to replace the most dangerous and exhaustive piece of the mortgage puzzle: the appraisal. Appraisers exist to keep the housing market safe. They protect our investment and our economy, but the process of appraising a home has become dangerous. Current processes demand that appraisers enter private homes to determine value, but an in-person inspection is no longer safe, nor is it necessary. Rather than appraisers entering the homes of strangers, they can now be hosted by homeowners with video conference calls. Appraisers agree that live video tours of homes are as effective as in person visits, and are much more efficient.

1) Social Distancing – It’s tough for appraisers to keep a true social distance while inside a stranger’s house inspecting every corner, nook, and cranny. Video conferencing allows appraisers to do a thorough inspection without ever entering the house.

2) Scheduling – Getting two people’s schedules to coincide can be difficult, especially when they both have separate lives, careers, and expectations. Allowing appraisers to simply sit at their desk for a live video tour means that scheduling inspections just became as easy as scheduling a phone call.

3) Travel Time – Many appraisers are forced to travel for miles to get to a subject house, often during high traffic hours. Live video conferencing not only saves gas, making it more environmentally friendly, but it saves hours of wasted road time.

4) Faster Turn Times – The mortgage industry is laser focused on delivering loans quickly and efficiently, but the appraisals are widely known to be the slowest part of the mortgage process. Video conferencing speeds up the process by days, not hours. This could prove very useful to borrowers in a pinch and pumps more money into the economy at a much faster rate.

5) Appraisal Wavers – This is such a controversial part of the mortgage world. Appraisal wavers create home loans without any check or balance on the value of a home. Borrower’s state the value and a federal database decides if the loan requires an appraisal or will suffice with a waver. Wavers provide no protection to the housing market, our economy, or the American taxpayer. If we replaced appraisal wavers with video conferencing, every loan would have a level of accountability we haven’t seen for decades.

6) Documentation – When a live video tour is recorded and stored in a secure location, there is a record of the interaction, and proof that the appraiser was diligent. There is also proof that the home owner was honest. If another housing market correction hits the economy hard again, we will be able to prove value, and better define where we went wrong in determining valuations.

7 Ways to Speed Up Your Appraisal

May 11, 2019


Time is of the essance ... And with a name like "Kairos" (focused on this opportunity, in this moment, for this team) we are laser focused on getting reports turned in as quickly as possible. Here are a few quick guidelines to help you prepare for a quicker appraisal process.

  1. Appraisers are a busy bunch, and scheduling inspections is the toughest part of the process. Borrower’s, Home Owners, Renters, and Appraisers all have different lives to lead, so finding an exact hour that works for everyone can be challenging. Reaching out to an appraiser is legal and can quicken the process by DAYS. Ask for the appraiser’s contact information and use it.
  2. Have your calendar open and ready before you call the appraiser to schedule your inspection.
  3. Clean your house, inside and out. Curb appeal is a staple in the real estate world, and appraisals are no different. Maintaining good curbside appeal might not directly increase the value of your house, but it certainly won’t hurt. Inside your home, however, is a different story. It is important that the appraiser feels as though you have maintained your entire property, especially the interior of your house. Keeping it clean goes a long way toward presenting it as a well maintained property.
  4. Open all doors and windows an hour before the inspection. This will allow for your house to clear out any odd smells, and will help protect the appraiser from potential COVID-19 exposure. Opening the doors to bedrooms and bathrooms and closets gives the appraiser easy access to every nook and cranny, and will potentially show some compassion towards the appraiser and the risk they are taking entering a stranger’s house.
  5. If you have a private gate, be sure to leave it open for he appraiser if possible. If the gate cannot be left open, be sure that the appraiser, your broker, the agent, and everyone involved has access to the code.
  6. Remove all pets from the property whenever possible. Not only do pets have orders that we might be so used to that we don’t notice the smell, but they also can be a distraction or a nuisance to appraisers that are just trying to get their job done as throughly and quickly as possible. Removing kids and guests whenever possible is a big help too.
  7. Keep your receipts and don’t be afraid to brag a bit about how much work you’ve done to your house. New floors, windows, paint, etc, are all good receipts to have on hand, and they all prove that your home might be worth more now than it was before you bought it.
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We Are Kairos Appraisal

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We’re Kairos Appraisal, and we’re excited to tell you a little bit more about us. Thanks for taking the time to check us out! Who We Are Kairos Appraisal started out as a west coast AMC with a solid reputation for excellent customer service. We’ve expanded since then, and we now serve over 40 states.…

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