We Are Kairos Appraisal

We’re Kairos Appraisal, and we’re excited to tell you a little bit more about us. Thanks for taking the time to check us out!

Who We Are

Kairos Appraisal started out as a west coast AMC with a solid reputation for excellent customer service. We’ve expanded since then, and we now serve over 40 states. Despite our increased footprint, we haven’t lost our knack for excellent customer service at all.

In fact, our approach to appraisals is completely different than your national, big box AMC’s approach. They’re often playing a numbers game. But to us, the appraisal business is, first and foremost, a relationship business. It’s never about the transaction to us.

Everything we do is focused on building that relationship with our clients and partners.

We personally update brokers, processors and lenders every single step of the way. You won’t ever have to wonder what’s going on or if there’s a problem with your appraisal. The excellent communication we have with both our clients and our appraisers means that we’re well equipped to spot problems before they actually become a problem.

This all means that you have time to focus on what you do best—closing loans. Let us take care of the appraisal part of the process.

About Kairos Appraisal

Now, let’s dive into exactly why Kairos is different from your average AMC, shall we? Here’s where we shine.


Experience is key in the appraisal business, and our chief appraiser has been certified for over 30 years and continues to teach and train our appraisers to do quality work.

Our administrative staff consists largely of former appraisers and loan officers, so they all speak the industry’s language. They know exactly how to help processors, appraisers and brokers get the job done smoothly. This means that you’ll never have to explain yourself or what you need—we’re on it before you even have to ask.


We give our most reliable appraisers bonuses for doing excellent work. They’re the ones who turn in quality, error-free reports in early, and they’re the appraisers who continue to get work from us.

We don’t have those errors that cause costly delays that can ruin good relationships. Depending on your needs, we’ll deliver quality reports to you within 3 to 10 days.

Talent Acquisition

Our entire team tends to hang out together, both in and out of the office (when we’re not in a time of social distancing, that is). We’re friendly, and we recruit professionals who are the same way.

Our clients often refer to us as the friendliest AMC around, and that’s a badge of honor we wear with pride.


We know that the #1 thing you need from your AMC is excellent communication. We give all processors and loan officers regular updates throughout the appraisal process. You’ll never wonder where your appraisal is or what’s happening with it because you’ll always know without even having to ask.

Our entire team knows exactly what the appraisal process is like on your end, so we know how to make the process better for you.


Staying on the CUTTING EDGE of industry technology is what keeps us light years ahead of the other AMCs. We’re like your next-door AMC who also has the best technology. No being stuck in the nineties around here.

We have top-notch security to protect borrower information, cloud-based database systems, remote servers, and live data portals that allow us to communicate with appraisers and brokers at the same time. We have the best virtual phone system on the market so it’s easy to stay in touch with our appraisers across the country, and we have some exciting news about virtual house inspections coming soon.

Let us worry about pushing the envelope so you don’t have to do that, too.

Who We Serve

We offer mortgage lenders around the country residential and commercial real estate valuation services.

If you’re a lender who’s tired of getting the run around and having to follow up to find out what in the world is going on with your appraisal, we’re here to make your life much easier.

You’ll feel just like you’re working with your appraiser buddy down the road while getting all of the benefits of working with a national AMC.

Learn more about the Kairos Appraisal difference and order your next appraisal with us by going here.

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